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Do you remember when communications was simply your phone system and all you were talking about was phone calls?

Today, do you…

  • Find that you communicate more on your mobile phone, via email or chat than you do on your desk phone?
  • Receive your voicemail messages in your email’s Inbox?
  • Click on a phone number in a web-browser to place a call instead of dialing that number on your phone’s keypad?
  • Make and receive calls on your mobile phone appearing as though they are coming to/from your office extension?
  • Integrate your phone system with your common web or hosted business applications?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you recognize the value of unified communications and the importance of mobility. If you answered “no”, but want to find out more about how the face of business communications is changing and how to gain efficiency with realized cost savings.

Why are businesses rapidly adopting IP Communications? To remain competitive. Business executives must assess and improve their operations enabling flexibility, efficiency and profitability in their practices. IP (Internet Protocol) has emerged as the dominant standards-based, universally available technology not only for data
traffic, but also for your phone calls. IP is the backbone to every major phone network today and is the overlaying technology that enables communications over any type of physical connection providing you single access for your – voice, video, and Internet applications. This universal communications method empowered by Unified Communications enables you to choose the network that will provide the best solution for your daily demands, giving you the flexibility you need as your business changes and grows.

As your business grows and requires a network upgrade, you will not have to replace all of your communications equipment and assets, such as your phones. Simply add only the necessary pieces to enhance your business. With a flexible IP architecture, you can communicate remotely, wirelessly, and save money by sharing access for all
of your applications.

Unified Communications is becoming the dominant method to facilitate efficient and productive business communications. The UC market size is expected to reach 16.5 Billion Dollars by 2015.

Leading analysts predict VoIP adoption among businesses will continue to increase rapidly over the next few years, reaching 79% by 2013, compared to 42% at the end of 2009.